The Lonesome Band: Running Alone – Album Review

May 13, 2015 by The Alternate Root

The Lonesome Band - Running Alone“The Lonesome Band offer a rambling road song, packed with highway logic and rode-hard guitar fuzz, as album opener for their debut, Running Alone. The track, “Agree to Disagree” follows a drum roll into a celestial grudge match that settles the score with a late night jam. The Lonesome Band chase a wild guitar strum into “Love I’ve Never Known”, letting gentle guitar and pedal steel riffs mask the indecision between stay or leave. The band dials through static to find a clear signal with a Ghost Riders groove with “Heading There Myself”, and join unite their instruments in a mighty rhythm line to clear a path through the title track for a ‘welcome home’ before stretching out the sound and letting in fall in waves as an exit.”  Read the full review >>

Song Premiere: The Lonesome Band – “Make ‘Em Dance”

May 4, 2015 by Glide Magazine

The Lonesome Band“Austin’s The Lonesome Band proudly classify themselves as Texas Cosmic Honky Tonk Country, and this is a pretty damn accurate label. The group embraces the progressive country sound that helped put the “Live Music Capital of the World” on the map, bringing to mind troubadours like Jerry Jeff Walker, Robert Earl Keen and early Steve Earle. Since getting together in 2013, the group has been quickly making a name for themselves with their rowdy, spirited live performances that have folks all over Texas dancing up a storm. Unlike the mindless pop “country” fodder that pollutes the airwaves these days, The Lonesome Band manage to make well-written, thoughtful songs that can still keep a dancehall going all night long.” Read the full review >>

Album Review: Running Alone – The Lonesome Band

June 12, 2015 by The Red Dirt Report

“The boys from The Lonesome Band are great at writing songs that tell stories and were able to perfectly pair the music to the lyrics in their debut album Running Alone. As the band continues to grow, their cosmic-country sound will too. It’s this iconic sound that can set them apart in the competitive Texas music scene.  This album is perfect for those who love Texas country or Red Dirt, but is also a great choice for rock and jam rock lovers alike.” Read the full review >>

The Lonesome Band Won’t Be “Running Alone” For Long

June 9, 2015 by We Hate Pop Country!

“[The Lonesome Band] recently made their debut album release last month with “Running Alone,”  which I must say, comes out swinging hard, offering a rather ruthless, and unapologetic shot to the gut with this immensely captivating, and tightly compressed grouping of eleven, earth shatteringly loud, and innovative tracks.” Read the full review >>

The Lonesome Band – Running Alone – Album Review

May 8, 2015 by Twangville

“I used to have a friend who referred to himself as a redneck libertarian.  He didn’t much like people who drank wine, but felt people should be able to make, and consume, as much beer and whisky as they wanted without the government taxing it.  He’s no longer with us, but I think he would really have liked The Lonesome Band.  Their debut album, Running Alone, has a real independent streak to its honky-tonk, cowpunk sound.” Read the full review >>

Album Review: The Lonesome Band – Running Alone

May 7, 2015 by MyJoog

“For the past couple of weeks I’ve been fixated on the debut album for the Austin based The Lonesome Band … It was the drum beats on the opening track – Agree to Disagree – that captured my attention. Then I noticed that the vocals sounded a bit like Hank III, with the storyline reminiscent of REK. But it was their rockin’ jam band sound that kept my attention. Check out that lead guitar; Danny Gatton would be proud. Other REK-like tunes are Halfway There (perhaps my favorite track), Love I’ve Never Known, and Make ‘Em DanceThat’s Just Me is another great song with excellent instrumentation as is Running Alone, where the jam band really comes alive.” Read the full review >>

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